Annadan Seva

Served more than 3.2 crore meals
in Gujarat since 2015.

Our Annadanam Seva at a glance

Meals served so far: 2.89 crores

People served daily: 4,500

Meal menu: Rice, dal, roti, sabji, papad

Cost per meal: ₹35

Beneficiaries: Poor people in the temple’s vicinity & devout temple visitors

Annadanam service timings: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. & 7 p.m. -8 p.m.

Time taken to prepare the meals: 3 to 4 hours

Number of volunteers/devotees involved in the food preparation process: 20 to 25

Quality of food: High-quality, fresh ingredients are used to prepare nutritious and wholesome meals in keeping with industry-standard hygiene, and safety measures

Quantity of food prepared: A meticulous process is followed to understand the quantity to be prepared on a daily basis. This ensures there is enough food for all without any excess or wastage

Benefits of Food Donation

  • It adds goodwill in your life through the sincere blessings of the recipients of your Annadanam
  • You receive the Lord’s divine and the choicest blessings
  • You earn punya (religious merit or good karma) for your noble deed
  • It adds positivity, humility, compassion and joy in your life
  • It resolves karmic debts
  • It liberates the soul from the cycles of birth and death and advances it towards attaining moksha (salvation)

Donate 21 Meals

Do your part and contribute this to serve the Needy.

₹ 1,575

Donate 51 Meals

Help us to feed the
Needy, do you part by

₹ 7,575

Donate 101 Meals

Provide the Food to
101 Needy People.
Support us.

₹ 1,575

Donate 151 Meals

You can help us to
feed the hungry.
Support us.

₹ 11,325

Donate 21 Meals

₹ 18,825 ~ Do your part andcontribute this amount.

Donate 501 Meals

₹ 37,575 ~ Do your part and contribute this amount.

Donate 1,001 Meals

₹ 75,075 ~ Do your part and contribute this amount.

General Donation

Any No. of Meals ~ You want to Donate.




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Offer Annadanam donation and feed the needy and the devotees of Lord Krishna

We require ₹15,75,000 on a daily basis to prepare food for the poor and devout temple visitors. Your Annadanam donation is crucial for us to continue this noble service.

Significance of Annadanam

Food is a basic need and it is key to staying alive. So, when you offer Annadanam, you also offer pranadanam (‘prana’ means life and ‘danam’ means donation). That’s why food donation is considered among the most divine and revered noble deeds. Annadanam has been an integral part of Indian culture and rituals. Annadanam is a pure expression of humanity because it advocates compassion and unity by dismissing socio- economic differences such as religion, caste, creed, gender, status, and the like.